Monday APA Billiards 8ball pool League Teems

Monday Night APA  Billiards 8ball pool League Teems Welcome at PK’s Shamrock Pub

PK’s Shamrock Pub will be accepting applications for Monday night 8ball pool league teams.


We have two great pool tables  to play on. There  is a great food menu as well as drink specials for pool league players to have some great competitive fun with 8ball pool.The  billiards league will be ran through APA.

Here is some info on APA pool and billiards.

APA League teams have the opportunity to advance to the APA National Team Championships each summer in Las Vegas. In 2010, Guinness World Records recognized this event as the World’s Largest Pool tournament. In addition, the APA also hosts a second tournament, the APA National Singles Championships, in Las Vegas each spring. APA pays out a combined $1.5 Million annually at these tournaments.

The APA also conducts the U.S. Amateur Championship, the pool world’s most prestigious amateur tournament, which is the only competition open to APA members and nonmembers alike. The tournament began in 1994 and has grown significantly over the year, as players across North America battle for a spot in this coveted event.

One of the keys to the success of the American Poolplayers Association is The Equalizer®, the unique handicapping and scoring system that makes it possible for players of different playing abilities — especially novices and beginners — to compete on an equal basis, much like they do in golf and bowling. The Equalizer® uses a formula that measures a player’s ability. The result is a handicap of how many games a player must win to capture a match in 8-Ball or the number of points a player must earn to win a match in the 9-Ball format.


St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

 St. Patrick’s day 2013

PK’s Shamrock Pub will be one of the best spots in the Belmar NJ Shore area on St. Patrick’s Day weekend.Saturday we will be hosting Shamrock Bingo at 1:00pm and in the evening the NJ Shore areas legendary Blue Highways will be playing at pats bingo1

Come on down to PK’s Shamrock Pub this St. Patrick’s day. We will be open at 10:00am on St. Patrick’s Day for breakfast serving up the classics such as steak and eggs,pork roll,bloody marries ect… Paul Jr Band comes on at 3:00pm playing Irish Classics and of course awesome corned beef!

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 PK’s Shamrock Pub Menu

Menu  PK's Shamrock Pub Great  Wings,Burgers,Sandwiches,Nachos Entrees and much much more!

Come in and enjoy anything from a light wrap for lunch to  our great entrees for dinner.At PK’s Shamrock Pub we offer a daily specials that give a nice selection to choose from and it changes on the daily basis.Every Tuesday we offer a delicious $3.74 food menu(no take orders). We have monthly specials as well so be sure to check our home page ticker for up to date  specials.Feel free to call for our daily specials as well.

Feel free to call in orders off of the menu (732)681-3111




PK’s Shamrock Pub summer of 2012 bingo.

PK’s Shamrock Pub’s Bingo pictures from last summer.Sundays were a blast starting with great breakfast specials then the games begin! One the most happening Sunday parties in the Belmar NJ area with tons of great prizes awesome drink specials ans a full dance floor.Enjoy these great pics!

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